Khavari’s Plan Is Florida’s Recovery, And Yours

Only 1 candidate for FL governor has a real economic plan for over 1,000,000 new jobs

Alex Sink and Rick Scott get most of the media attention. But there is an Independent candidate on the November ballot who is a respected economist and author of nine books: Farid Khavari.

Sink and Scott say they can create jobs by lowering taxes on business–but this has never worked before. Khavari will create over 1,000,000 private sector jobs without subsidies or “stimulus” plans.

The Khavari Economic Plan includes creation of a bank owned by all Floridians. 2% fixed-rate, 15-year mortgages (new and refinance) will earn billions for the state while reducing costs of home ownership by more than half. Housing prices will stabilize and there will never be another bubble. Our children will be able to afford homes, too. Combined with low-cost financing for business, energy, and 6% credit cards, Floridians will save many billions per year, while creating over 1,000,000 new jobs. Khavari’s plan will stop foreclosures and put people back in their homes. State and local budgets will balance overnight without new taxes. Florida will be recession-proof forever. This is common sense economics, from a common sense economist. Khavari’s plan has received national acclaim and candidates in other states have adopted it. Florida needs the Khavari Economic Plan.

Sink, a multi-millionaire retired banker and current Chief Financial Officer of Florida, has done nothing to create jobs and allowed the State Board of Administration to lose billions in phony investments. Scott made over $200,000,000 as CEO of a health-care company. Aren’t people like that part of the problem? Khavari has the solution.

Find out more at Vote to save Florida’s economy, before it’s too late. Vote Khavari.

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