Is The Recession Over?

Considering that your taxpayer dollars, over 1/2 billion of them, are going to a company backed by Al Gore that makes hand-built custom cars, not for the middle class or working people, but for the evil rich like Al Gore, apparently so.

Happy days are here again. The latest model is an all electric one. From Fiskar Automotive . . .

We are accepting pre-orders for our Fisker four-door plug-in hybrid sports sedan – the FISKER KARMA to be delivered in 2010. All orders received from mid-January onwards will be delivered in the second half of 2010. Effective Jan. 1 the deposit amount is $5,000.

All Signature Edition Vehicles, which will be delivered with a special numbered and signed plaque, a color and trim combination similar to the Detroit Show-Car are SOLD OUT.

At this point in time we are also accepting deposits for our Fisker convertible – the FISKER KARMA S. The deposit amount is $25,000

Speaking of stimulating the economy. What? Not ours? Are you serious? How about $400,000 for Gadhafi’s sons? One of whom escorted the Pan American flight 103 bomber back to Libya.

What about the US taxpayers? Eh, we’re all suckers, that’s what. When will you ever learn what Liberals are all about?

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  1. Well according to This questionnaire
    USA is the last country in the world, which will come out of recession. Apparently it is based solely on people’s opinions, but the fact, that basically 75% of 100% USA citizens think, that recession is not over yet and 17% of them think, that it will not even be over until 2-3 years, is not realistic. I have no idea, whether people have serious financial problems or they just don’t think realistically.

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