Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) Kerfluffle

While the far Left is gratuitously foaming at the mouth over Joe Wilson’s emotional, and true, comment at Obama’s road show before a joint session of Congress, let’s recall a little history about disrespecting the President.

Just for giggles, look at all the examples that come up to a youtube search for bush booed.

OK, now look how Democrats disrespected him at the 2005 SOTU speech, when he brought up a national problem that needed fixing, Social Security. Listen to what he was warning about. Then look at the political and economic landscape today. Look how much spending and borrowing we’ve been doing, all the while still ignoring the pending insolvency of Social Security.

The reality about this clip and Democrats in Congress is this. Bush was telling the truth about Social Security. And last night Joe Wilson was telling the truth about Obama.

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