Left-Wing Conspiracy Or S.O.P.?

Maybe not a conspiracy, just more of the same lies that the political Left has been engaged in for years, aided and abetted by the media.

The nexus of the left-leaning media and the most liberal senator in the Senate was instrumental in getting him elected. Their ignoring his radical past and relationships with anarchists like William Ayers and Saul Alinsky, and the media’s discounting anyone who would bring that up as right-wing tinfoil hatters is all that it took. Now the most liberal senator is America’s most liberal president. And his agenda is antithetical to the founding of this country. 2008 was the year that the media watchdog died.

An observer of politics who is old enough to remember sees that, just like his Democrat predecessor Bill Clinton, the campaign did not stop after the election. Governance in Democrat administrations includes attacking anyone, regular citizens (half the country) and elected officials, that disagree with them. The difference is that the Clinton administration didn’t lie to advance their agenda. They just lied to protect their butt from prosecution.

Today, despite audio/video of President Obama clearly articulating his intentions to labor union audiences regarding single-payer health care, and the end of private sector health care, the administration is claiming right-wing conspiracy again, that he was taken out of context. It was not out of context. It was the context.

Now, on The White House’s website, the President is asking for names of citizens who are voicing their objections to his policies. Paramount of those objections is his race to socialism via a single-payer health care system, with Cash for Clunkers a close second. If you don’t think that this is exactly his purpose of having ‘citizen soldiers,’ with as much or greater funding than our military, then you need to remove your blinders.

And it doesn’t stop there. Try this from the Democratic National Committee.

Home is where we’re strongest. We didn’t win last year’s election together at a committee hearing in D.C. We won it on the doorsteps and the phone lines, at the softball games and the town meetings, and in every part of this great country where people gather to talk about what matters most. And if you’re willing to step up once again, that’s exactly where we’re going to win this historic campaign for the guaranteed, affordable health insurance that every American deserves.

Oh sorry. That was President Obama’s words. The following is from the DNC. Those dang Swiftboaters again. . . {who btw were never challenged, only attacked}

  1. These disruptions are being funded and organized by out-of-district special-interest groups and insurance companies . . .
  2. People are scared because they are being fed frightening lies.
  3. Their actions are getting more extreme.
  4. Their goal is to disrupt and shut down legitimate conversation.
  5. Republican leadership is irresponsibly cheering on the thuggish crowds.

Five lies the left can believe in.

If you’ve been following this administration closely, and I don’t mean just from what the mainstream media is saying, then you can see that being active in voicing your opinions and objections and exercising your First Amendment rights seem to only be patriotic when done by those on the Left. When done on the right, they are unruly mobs, with imagined, phony, made-up (astroturf?) anger. Does this look like phony and made-up anger to you?  VIDEO LINK

My personal experience is far different than what CNN and pMSNBC will describe. I’ve been to Tea Parties in Pensacola and just yesterday in Fort Walton Beach. If there ever was a grass roots movement, not motivated by special interests, but motivated by citizens that love their country and don’t want it going down the socialist path that this administration has laid out, this is it.

link: NWF Daily News

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  1. The misinformation is in suggesting that publicly-funded health care would somehow be a bad thing.

    Yes, if you have any concern whatsoever about the deficit, it is a bad thing. Not only can we not afford it, but when you consider that there are already two other entitlement programs that are already busting the country, Medicare and Social Security, to come up with yet another government program that piles on to these existing programs, it is worse than bad. It is immoral. It is committing inter-generational theft, indebting the next two generations to China. That is bad. Not somehow bad. Bad.

    IF this program did not require all the above to do it, if we could actually afford it, then yes, it might be worth looking into. Then there is the issue of the government taking some of your decisions away from you. And that is an issue that has yet to be debated. It’s in the bill, but the rush to enact it will preclude all that debate. BAD. The other bad thing about this plan concerns what it will do to private sector health care, which, with all its warts, is still the envy of the world. Once that gets decimated, over time as the President says, then we’ll have just as lousy a health care system as everyone else.

    Take a look at the graph in this post. It should shock you, like it did to me. It will give you an idea just how much in debt we already are. And in less than a decade from now, even without this health care plan, we will be bankrupt. And China is losing confidence that we will be able to pull ourselves out of the debt hole. The financial picture of what lies ahead for us is hyper-inflation. BAD.

    No one can legislate economic principles. Not even the One. These economic problems will occur if he goes ahead with this. They might occur anyway. That’s why it is not mis-information, it is what the law of economic principles dictate. And it is these laws of economic principles that we need to operate within. Else nothing good will happen.

  2. The misinformation is in suggesting that publicly-funded healthcare would somehow be a bad thing. The United States is one of the only “first world” countries not to have publicly-funded healthcare. And it shows! We have a lower life expectancy than just about all of Europe, as well as Canada. Secondly, publicly-funded healthcare wouldn’t even mean the end of private sector involvement. The UK for example has publicly-funded healthcare via the NHS but there remains a parallel private insurance system to pay for things that NHS won’t, like some risky/experimental treatments.

    “Democratic” (note the capitalisation) is the adjectival form of “Democrat.” I am a Democrat; I vote Democratic. In Congress, Democrats are members of the “Democratic Caucus,” not the “Democrat Caucus.” Republicans aren’t very republican, in my opinion. I suppose I could start calling them something else, but that’s the name they choose to call themselves. There are tons of groups out there that call themselves something which they don’t embody (although I do think the capital-D Democratic party is indeed lowercase-d democratic).

    I will agree with you that both parties are a mess. The Republicans are a bigger mess, but with clowns like Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid running my party’s legislative agenda, my party is bound to be a mess.

    BTW, I think the president’s healthcare proposal sucks, because it’s gotten watered down to some half-ass regulatory reform thanks to those in Congress who are stuffing their pockets with insurance company cash. I want single-payer!

  3. There is no mis-information about this health care bill from my side that I’m aware of. Please help me out. Specifically, what is it? What Obama said himself in the above video is exactly what opponents of the the bill are saying. That it will bring about the end of private sector health care. Hello socialized health care, rationing, and worse.

    Some of the highlights of the health care bill H.R.3200 are listed here in another post. This is information, not mis-information. Neither the politicians nor the media care to read it. They just want it enacted into law before anyone knows what is in it. Unlike the Democrats (or is it Democratics) in Washington, if you read what is in H.R. 3200, the difference from what we are hearing them say about the bill and what is in the bill become apparent. Obama is trying to advance his policies by lying to the American people about just what it will do to our lives and to this country. And the media rolls over. The media watchdog died in 2008.

    The mis-information is coming from President Obama today when he tells whoever will listen that he doesn’t want to run the health care industry. He wants the government to run everything. With the help of ACORN of course. And that’s where the lying comes to play. Compare what he tells the SEIU in the video above to what he tells the media and what his boob of a Press Secretary says, and you’ll see what I mean by mis-information. So yes, there is mis-information (lying) going on, and it is coming from our President and his administration, not Conservatives.

    It takes more than White House press conferences to discriminate between reality and spin. Suffice it to say, the media doesn’t do that any more. They, instead, repeat what this administration SAYS and not what it DOES and not what its policies WILL DO. But I’m only happy to do that for them.

    And I’m not seeing the other side (that’d be your side) countering the alleged mis-information and deception. Instead, I’m seeing them trying to silence them. The little Marxists that they are. That’s not very democratic is it?

    Getting back to the content of this post, instead of Bush and semantics of Democrat v Democratic, is there anything here that either I or Obama has said that you would like to dispute?

    I think by now you know why I refer to the Democratic Party as the Democrat Party. It’s because the word democratic is more a verb than a pronoun. Your party is anything but democratic. As usual, they are and do exactly the opposite of what they profess to be and do.

    Are you a democratic or a democrat? Seems to me that the Democrat party is what it is, and the Republican party is what it is. And right now the Republican party is a freaking mess. Actually, both of them are in that state right now.

  4. The double standard is biting. Conservatives never said anything when the Bush administration painted Americans who questioned our war involvements as “unpatriotic” or “weak” but now this Democratic administration is “attacking” people that disagree.

    The Bush administration for eight years shoves its agenda down everyone’s throats, uses all sorts of brutal tactics and political trickery, but now that this Democratic administration is pushing an agenda hard, it’s not okay.

    The efforts on the right to counter healthcare reform is based on misinformation and deception. I don’t think that a reasonable person can argue that. I’m not attacking them for that — that’s politics — but I don’t see why anyone would fault the other side for countering that misinformation and deception. Both sides have their interests… the Democratic party has the interests of the general welfare, and the Republican party has the interests of big business.

    P.S. — Why do you use the “Democrat” where “Democratic” should be used, e.g. “Democratic administration”?

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