MRIOTD Award To Casey Gane-McCalla

The Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day Award goes to a shining example of a Columbia educated, angry liberal black man that calls black republicans and Fox News racists, and his name is Casey Gane-McCalla writing on NewsOne.

After reading his unsubstantiated claims of racism by Fox News and its news on-air contributors, seems to me Mr. Gane-McCalla is guilty of what he is accusing the others of. He goes so far as to bring us the top 5 Uncle Toms on Fox News.

Being a Republican does not make you an Uncle Tom. If you believe in fiscal responsibility and social conservatism, it is your right to be a republican. However if you are a black republican, it should be your duty to stand up to your party when it becomes blatantly racist against your own kind. You should also realize it when they only use you to attack other black people and never to offer any other points of view.

These African Americans have made a living off of going on Fox News and smearing black leaders and culture. They often are the mouthpieces for the things that even Fox is to racist to say. They always attack another black person and never stand up to any of Fox’s or the GOP’s racism.

And more recently, this gem. ‘Nixon Would’ve Aborted Obama For Being Mixed.’

link: Top 5 Fox News Uncle Toms | Nixon Would’ve Aborted Obama For Being Mixed

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