Jesse Jackson Shows His True Color

Stocks tumble in the race industry. Jesse Jackson’s stock that is. Affectionately called America’s beloved race pimp, the good Rev. Jackson took issue with first-term Sen. Barack Obama’s speech to a Black audience. It was a speech that was much the same as what Bill Cosby had said years ago. Fox has not released the transcript, but did say Jackson’s comment had to do with Obama telling them ‘how to behave.’

According to Fox, Jackson was referring to the audience in using the N-word. Jackson, like any entrepreneur, is seeing a rookie threaten his market share in the race business by making him irrelevant. And when you consider that Jackson is out for Jackson, and not Blacks, something like ‘Listen to him, he’s telling those n_____s how to behave’ would be a believable statement coming from Rev. Jackson.

One can’t rule out some personal animosity where Obama is concerned either. Obama, as far as we know, has not had a love child outside of his marriage like Rev. Jackson. In that respect, Obama is head and shoulders above Jackson.

About a year ago, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP buried the N-word in a mock funeral in Detroit. Now Rev. Jackson has resurrected it. But will he get the same treatment as Don Imus, Michael Richards, or George Allen?

Fox news showed great editorial restraint in not publishing the transcript. Their rationale is they can get the news out of the recording, which is Jackson’s hypocrisy and contempt for Blacks, without having to release the recording or the transcript.

Who thinks that the New York Times would have chosen that route if the offender was a republican, white or black? My guess is that there wouldn’t be anything else on the news until the guy was driven out of his job, if not charged with a hate crime. Or both.

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  1. “Is it out of touch, or cutting edge?”

    That sentence needs some s’plain’n. I was late for work and sort of rushed it. If Fox characterized the fist bump as a terrorist thing, and I believe they did, or someone on Fox did, then yes, that is waaaaay out of touch. That has nothing to do with terrorism. Although it might be appropriate for people that don’t use toilet paper.

    And for the other part, I think I overstated it a bit. According to what I heard on O’Reilly, he said some nitwit (or some derogatory word) in the engineering room discovered it and put it out somewhere. He didn’t say exactly where. ?? Then, he said that the network exercised some restraint in not releasing the transcript. That sounds rather clumsy to me. But I guess that once the cow was out of the barn that it was the best that they could do.

    I wonder if that person still works for them? He wouldn’t be working for me for pulling a stunt like that.

    And also, thanks for your input Mark.

  2. I don’t know where or how a fist-bump (is that one word or two??) got associated with terrorists. It’s a ghetto thing, like those fancy handshakes back in the 60’s. At least that’s the way I see it.

    As to why Fox had him on TV in the first place, as irrelevant as he is, I don’t know. Except maybe to get a point of view from the ‘old school’ Black advocates, compared to Obama supporters and advocates who seem to be totally different, including White. Is it out of touch, or cutting edge?

    Fact is, I think Jesse Jackson’s better days as representing the Black community are behind him.

  3. Ross,

    I’m with you regarding Jesse J. I had forgetten he even existed until his nutty remark about Barack Obama.
    Still, it strikes me that Fox is a little out of touch. Why even recycle this dinosaur who has been irrelevant for years?
    And how lame are the Fox folks to think that fist bumps are terrorist signals? Go to Cordova Lanes and you will see that bowlers bump fists when they miss a spare.
    Love your food,

    Mark O’Brien

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