Hung Up On Timetables

It’s much easier to move on when you set a timetable.  The NYT reports that the global warming disciples want to set a timetable to revive the dead.  Rather, to revive the ‘climate treaty.’  I doubt the earth will mind or even care if and when that ever happens.  But for now, the sky-is-falling al-Gores of the world will have to wait for the next bash America party.

Reminds me of other things that don’t respond well to timetables.  Like the desire Democrat leaders in congress have to play Commander in Chief and fight the war on terror via a timetable.  I guess for them it is a face saving way to say we quit.  Who wins?

Here’s a headline you won’t see anywhere else.  ‘Blogger Sets Timetable For New York Times’ to remove their news filter, pull their head out of the sand (or other orifice), and report on news that does not fit their agenda.   Like the Pope’s comments on global warming for example.

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