Hillary Understands ‘War For Oil’

Have you seen this much in the newspapers?  On TV?  She said it last week in a little town meeting to an audience of about 300 people.  That’s 300 people in South Carolina.  Speaking to the threat of Tehran interfering with oil supplies she said . . .

“I will make it very clear to the Iranians that there are very serious consequences attached to their actions,” Clinton said. The presidential candidate spoke at a town hall meeting with 300 people at a high school in a Democratic stronghold in early voting South Carolina.

The New York senator, responding to a question, said blocking oil shipments “would be devastating to the world economy.”

If the U.S. took military action as a result, she said, “I would hope that the world would see that was an action of last resort, not first resort. Because we need the world to agree with us about the threat that Iran poses to everyone.”

Forgetting the fact on how this issue is demagogued by the rabid left, who say it is about taking their oil for ourselves, it is good to see she is coming around to making sense.  I’m sure much to the chagrin of the Soros wing of her party.  Then again, it remains to be seen if she would utter the same words in California.

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