Leakers Found Guilty

Great Britain shows that it has a pair, and that it takes the leaking of state secrets seriously.  In Keogh (L) and O'Connorthis country they give awards for leaking state secrets.  

This is an area that Bush hasn’t put enough emphasis, nearly zero.  And this is an area that apparently can only be restarted by Bush’s direct intervention, otherwise republicans and/or democrats would not have let the investigation just end by quitting.  Where’s the media on this? The investigation into the CIA leaks that were published in the New York Times has been called off because; the CIA doesn’t want to cooperate with the FBI, so the FBI says eh!, we can’t do an investigation because they don’t want to be investigated, so I guess the investigation is over.  And this makes sense to who?

As for the two Brits. . .

A civil servant and an MP’s researcher have been found guilty of breaching the Official Secrets Act.
They leaked an “extremely sensitive” memo about talks on Iraq between Tony Blair and President Bush.

Oh boy, two new books coming out.  Or to put it another way, you’ll read about it in their books before you’ll see news of this pair in the mainstream media.

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