Chavez Takes Over Remaining Oil Fields

Heard an unusual radio spot on the news today. It was an institutional ad for Citgo (a Bracewell & Giuliani production no doubt) that boasts bringing Venezuelan oil to the United States, and come buy our gas. This, on the same day that Hugo Chavez nationalized (stole) the last of the private oil fields in the country. Coincidence?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez nationalized the last privately run oil fields in the country Tuesday. The government is taking over four oil projects run by some of the world’s biggest petroleum companies.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, if not his U.S. Citgo business, must be feeling a pinch from consumers’ reaction to his behavior these last couple years. And nobody called for a boycott. It’s not even necessary when people just do what is right. I wish the Citgo employees luck in finding work elsewhere. How about making arrangements to find other employment by May 1st of next year. Celebrate May Day by leaving Chavez’s Citgo. Turn the lights out on your way out.

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