Putin At 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy

Russian President Vladimir (Pooty-poot) Putin has been seen by the 43rd Munich Conference Security Policy complaining about the United States. Putin says the US is undermining global security.

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia accused the United States on Saturday of provoking a new nuclear arms race by developing ballistic missile defenses, undermining international institutions and making the Middle East more unstable through its clumsy handling of the Iraq war.

He had a list of “complaints about American domination of global affairs, including many of the themes that have strained relations between the Kremlin and the United States during his seven-year administration.”

He whines about why Russia is not already part of NATO, when other former satellite countries of the former Soviet Union are? And if Russia can’t be part of NATO, “Against whom is this expansion directed?”

Well, NATO members agree to play by the rules, and do. Don’t have to look far for why a Putin’ized Russia cannot be trusted to play by the rules. Who was it that was accused, by the victim, of assassinating a member of the Russian news media? And, who is it that provides and builds Iran’s nuclear reactors? Who is supporting the Iranian regime in terms of nuclear technology, and defending other nations at odds with the US? Oil-For-Food Saddam bribery scandal participant. Who uses natural gas and oil as diplomatic weapons to Russia’s neighboring countries? For starters.

It seems to me that the “against whom” would be nations that refuse to play by the rules. Like Russia.

He resents monitoring of elections in the former Soviet sphere. He resents free elections period, and called those monitors “a vulgar instrument of ensuring the foreign policy interests of one country.” Free and fair elections should be the policy interests of every country, including Russia, don’t you think? Especially a country who wants to join NATO.

Putin criticised the US for developing a missile defense system. Right. Can you say Kim Jong Il? Defense Putin, the word is defense.

Putin said the US is making the Middle East more unstable through its clumsy handling of the Iraq war. How many years was Russia fighting a war in Afghanistan? Wasn’t it something like 10 years before they gave up and went home? Putin doesn’t know what clumsy is. Putin does know he was Saddam’s nuclear supplier. Putin did supply Saddam with missile jamming electronics and missiles. Only Putin knows for sure, the location of banned weapons and technologies that were spirited out of Iraq months prior to the start of the war in Iraq. I’m surprised he missed the fact that we still have not found Bin Laden. The unstable-ness of the war is caused by war. The objective is to make things stable by winning it. And he knows it.

I’ve seen this before in this country. It is a political tactic. Putin, aside from being a communist in democratic clothing, has followed the democratic’s (sic) playbook to a ‘T’ in this way; when what you are doing is screwing things up, blame the other guy for doing it and screwing things up.

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