New Orleans Crime Reaches New High

Or new low, depending on how you look at it. So your 17 yr old comes home boohooing that he got into a fight and lost. What do you do? Do you give him a pistol and tell him to go get revenge? That’s what one mother did in Mayor Nagin’s city, New Orleans.

A woman accused of giving her teenage son a handgun and telling him to take revenge after he lost a fight was arrested Thursday after another boy was killed, police said.

I think congress needs to step in and put an end to the skyrocketing crime rate. Per capita it’s safer in Iraq than in New Orleans. Here’s what they should do. Put Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Mayor Nagin on notice that they have 6 months to get the city under control or the federal government will start removing it’s assets out of New Orleans. This will send them the message that they need to act, positively, now.

There is just too much loss of innocent lives going on and ‘the American people’ are not going to support an inefficient and corrupt regime indefinitely. If they fail to take the necessary actions, then they can expect government funding to be cut off and the National Guard to be repositioned out-of-state. Some in Washington seem to think this method will work in Iraq. Hell, if it will work there, then its sure to work here. Maybe John Kerry will negotiate with France to help train police officers, in the French Quarter of course. But still, they only have 6 months.

MSNBC video

John Kerry on Iraq. . .

“The Congress should tell President Bush to end this open-ended commitment of American troops,” Kerry said. “The United States must get tough with Iraqi politicians – pressure them to meet tough benchmarks. … Congress must push this administration to find not just a new way forward in Iraq, but the right way forward.”

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